Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rte. 22a Barn

"Rte. 22a Barn" 15" x 22"
Now here is something I don't usually paint that often.
I painted outside last week with my friend Sean Callahan
and we set up along the road and had a "field" day.
It was so much fun and we hope to paint on site on a regular
basis this summer and fall! So between weekly figure sessions,
outside painting and studio time, my subject matter
should be nice and varied this year!

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Mary Paquet said...

Wonderful, fresh, and gives me the feeling I am outdoors in fresh air. What fun you will have.

Bob and I leave on a cycling trip that we hope will take us from San Jose to Portland, ME, over the summer. We will be in VT in September. I won't be able to check up on your work, but I hope to check in in September when I am in VT and perhaps even get to see some of your work in person.

If you are curious about our trip, you can check out our journal at http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/bobandmary where we posted the preliminary information and will update from the road as we are able. This site hosts many bicycle touring journals.

Have a great summer.

Mary Paquet