Monday, June 30, 2008

Main Street U.S.A

"Main Street U.S.A."
This painting was a result of a workshop with Mel Stabin.
He has written several books and is a great person to take
a workshop from. I would like to jump on board again sometime
soon and paint with him, but I don't know when that will
happen. I've linked his website to this blog...take a look.


Anonymous said...

Annalein, beautiful. I have taken 3 workshops from Mel (Mexico; Cape Porpoise, ME; and Block Island, RI. I met up with him recently when he was in San Jose for a workshop. He's a lovely person. I am now in tiny Norton, KS, enroute to New England via tandem bicycle. I'l logged on the library and continue to check your postings.

I am hoping to see your work in person in September.

Mary Paquet

Annelein said...

Hi Mary,
Glad to hear you are checking in with my blog. Keep up the cycling and be careful! Thanks for the comments.