Friday, August 15, 2008

Pansies Posing

"Picture perfect pansies" 22" x 15"
These pansy faces are on display at the
Bennington Center for the Arts for their
Impressions of New England Show. The Art
Center has gone through some new changes,
including more gallery space and workshop
spaces. It is such an impressive place. If you
have never been it is worth checking out. They
host many exciting shows and also have a summer
theatre. Well that's the travel agent in me speaking...
Yesterday it was the to the studio to be an artist!


Gail Bartel said...

I really like these Annalein. Are you putting in the blossoms first and then placement of the stems or does your sketch have it laid out? I loved your Sunflowers too.

Annelein said...

Thanks Gail,
I actually work both the foreground (blossoms) and the background (stems/greenery) at the same time. Then apply more washes to define certain areas. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Anonymous said...

Annelein, The Pansies are now my most favorite..keep up the painting.