Thursday, November 19, 2009

favorite subject

One of my favorite flowers..the iris. I've painted a ton of them over the years...purple, violet, teal, lilac, yellow, white, etc.. They have those delicate almost see-through blossoms and then that angular, sharp leaf. If you want to do some negative painting...the foliage of the iris is just perfect.


Marie Theron said...

You do them so well! Flowers need a light touch such as this!

Autumn Leaves said...

What a gorgeous watercolor! Your technique is impecaable, the results just beautiful! The nude was well-done too. Oh to have some of your talents!

Cynthia said...

Yes, your iris´are wonderful....ahhhh yes, the negative painting of the foliage...I agree,,,it is a perfect place to practice the good old negative painting.