Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red nose

Last night was another figure session...sometimes they are good, other times not so good...what to point the finger at? Inspiration, tiredness, pigment mixes, lighting, disruptions, general blahs...who knows, but it's still good to go and have some continuity...practice makes....well let's just say improvement. :)


Autumn Leaves said...

I don't know, Annelein. I am thinking the red nose just kind of brings the mood of which you speak across. I like that!

Karen Bruson said...

I am loving my studio. It has made a substantial difference in my painting. I am improving rapidly. This is it. I am full time as of last month. I was always too distracted painting from my house as we run a business out of the home.
Also, I am now networking with other artists and photographers that are also in the mill.
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