Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tulip and fruit

Here is a somewhat unfinished piece from my Tulips workshop. I "invented" the chair in the background and it certainly looks a bit stiff..maybe another solution for that area is in order. I like the colors and placement of the other objects...they don't all have to be "finalized" paintings...they are all steps towards the greater goal...mastering the medium...watercolor is like a cat...it just let's you believe you are in charge! ha ha.


Margaret said...

The chair reminds me of one of those small stepping stools my mom had while I was growing up ... I love this - I am so afraid to break out my paints - you do a very nice job of keeping it "fresh". Love your blog.

Autumn Leaves said...

If anyone has control over this medium, it is you Annelein. This is wonderful!