Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Orange

This is an older poppy piece (7.5"x7.5") and is the closest to orange I could find in my repertoire right now.. Orange to show support for the Dutch soccer team in the World Cup! Anyone follow soccer? The buzzing of the locust like horns is a bit much and almost makes you want to mute the tube. Too bad poppies have such a short lived display time. Being so fragile any wind or rain storms take them down.


sue said...

Beautiful, Annelein. Those horns drive me insane. They're incessant, aren't they!?

This is great--love the center area.

Autumn Leaves said...

This is world cup Annelein! Beautiful!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I love the looseness and juiciness of this little watercolor. I feel terribly sorry for the teams having to play amidst that horrible noise. Go team orange!