Thursday, December 5, 2013

cold studio posts have become very irregular....are you all still out there and checking up on me? I've been out of the studio for a bit due to a heating issue...hopefully that will be resolved soon!  But for now it is below  freezing in there and I've rescued all my paints and brought them in the house for fear of damaging them... so soon I should be producing some new work!  Here is "Double Dutch" a small 7"x7" painting from the spring.


Katherine Harra said...

I don't know about other media, but I carried watercolors in tubes and a palette with me for years in freezing: it stayed in the trunk of my car during my workday, waiting for Watercolor Class - never seemed to have a problem.
Now, how the cold affects your finger tips is a whole 'nother question.
These tulips are a wonderful antidote to winter: hope your studio warms up fast!


Very beautiful floral painting and of course it is more beautiful in the winter time !!!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

just found you and will be following. I want to see all your work on the blog etc......janice