Friday, February 28, 2014

A question

The winter continues here and I try to enliven the white, cold and windy landscape with an imagined "warmer" one with a rooster occupying his space in it!  This one is titled "out and about" and measures 7.5"x7.5".  I have a question for readers of this blog...what do you do when you hit a creative block?  Leave a comment on the blog so everyone can see your answers.


Unknown said...

I lack confidence - I am a rookie, so it's like I'm afraid to touch brush to paper.
So, I find a photo I like and talk myself into picking up the brush by saying "only spend 15 minutes"; "work on only 1 part and then stop and admire"; tell the voice saying it could be better to stay still "it will be better in time". And try to believe that. It doesn't always work, but then again, at times it does!!

Barbara Tibbets said...

When I stare at a blank sheet of w/c paper and say "Now what"? It's time to dig out my "Splash" books or watercolor magazines for inspiration. Get other old magazines and cut out shapes, colors, anything that "grabs" you. Lay them out and practice abstract painting. Think about a series of paintings but take one subject, like a big seashell, and make them realistic, semi-abstract and abstract. Keep learning and take a class or workshop! All of this has helped me the last 35+ years.

Ginny Stiles said...

When my creativity is low I work small things like paint & sketch in my journal, work on color mixing, and begin to pull out some of my art books and curl up with a cup to tea...they are often very inspiring. I am a Zentangle person and so I can always pull out a tile and do a small masterpiece and get my mojo back usually quite quickly. I also believe in trying new media, watching art videos (purchased and online) and getting together with other artists.


For sure a very warm painting "The Rooster" looks great and I like the way you have painted him !!!
Have a nice weekend Annelein !!!
Spring and warmer days are comming very soon !!!

Unknown said...

When I need a shot in the inspirational arm, I will watch a YouTube video, often times about an art medium I haven't tried or a technique I may have forgotten about. That is usually enough to free me enough to get me playing with my art materials and then things just seem to happen.

Anonymous said...

I try to get over myself by reminding myself that no one will die if I ruin this painting. I have a tendency to get to a certain point and then be afraid to keep going because I might ruin it. I've been imposing a rule upon myself to not let unfinished pieces haunt me so finish it or ruin it but move on.
It isnt easy!