Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Mastering" the portrait

The beginnings of a portrait...we usually see photos of this Master with a hat on..but I used this one for my painting of Claude Monet. I am teaching this week at the Vermont Art Event in Burlington sponsored by Holbein. We will tackle portraits on one of the days. Our subject...famous artists! I guess Mr. Monet qualifies! 


jill polsby said...

Now I'm really mad! I would have flown straight to Vermont if I'd known you were teaching a portrait class!! Darn it and Drat! Please let me know if there is ever another opportunity like this??? Jill in California

Annelein said...

Sorry Jill! I really hope that there will be a chance to either come to California or you can catch me somewhere else! Your enthusiasm makes me happy and eager to get something worked out!