Thursday, June 6, 2019

Charles Reid

Charles Reid was a master watercolorist. I had the opportunity to study with him on several occasions and will treasure those times as I remember this talented artist. Charles passed away on June 1st. The photos above are of him doing a demo for the Vermont Watercolor Society two years ago with his painting in the middle on the left side and two small sketches I did of him at a workshop I attended years prior. He will be missed.


laura said...

Such sad news; it's amazing to see how many artists, on so many different platforms, are sharing memories of him.
I took one workshop with him in Cape May NJ and it was amazing. Of course I had all his books, and some of his videos ... he was a superstar, and a very nice man.

Ginny Stiles said...

OH my. How sad to hear. Although I never painted with him, I have most of his books and a wonderful DVD of him teaching floral painting that I treasure. I know that several of my favorite artists are gone now. Did you know George James? He was famous for his paintings on Yupo. I know he had cancer and died a few years ago. How wonderful that their legacy will go on with their books and films. Charles was so unique. I just love his work. Thanks for letting me know.