Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"Delicious" 15" x 15"
More red...but this time with some complimentary colors
of greens and teals. Yesterday was the delivery for the Round
Barn show and spying a few of the other artist's works it's
going to be a great show! They actually solicited over the
web and received a number of entries from out of state.
One as far away as Portland, Oregon! The show will always
be predominantly showcasing Vermont artists, but this way
they mix in some potentially "never been seen in this area" work.
Now it's time to finish my prints for the Shelburne Farms show.
Dropping off my work for that next Monday...Yikes, busy.
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments along the way. Keep them coming!


laura said...

I love the apples, and the way you paint the bottles without making them prominent. BTW also love the Rehoboth Beach scene, and visited Different strokes blog--very interesting!

A Brush with Color said...

OOoooooh--it's beautiful! I love the colors here. Good luck with your shows! Sounds exciting.

A Brush with Color said...


Love your version for the Different Strokes image--fabulous!

Gail Bartel said...

Annelein, I love this. I've been reading Shirley Trevena's first book and I'm so into the strips of color right now....I just have to plan it into my next practice.
Thanks for the view.

Molly Mansfield said...

Beautiful still life. Very nice arrangement and colors.