Friday, September 19, 2008

Red conclusion

"Red Barn" 15" x 22"
This concludes the "red" week...with an image I did while
out in the field several weeks ago. It was the only landscape
painting that was predominantly red...well at least one that
was on my computer already...there might be some unphotographed
ones in my flat files. Monday rings in the first day of Fall, so I
hope you get out there and enjoy all the fall happenings, from
picking apples, to mulling cider, carving pumpkins, making soup,
hiking through fallen leaves and oh yeah...maybe some plein
air painting tucked in there as well. What "color" should next
week be?


A Brush with Color said...

Another gem--I don't know what color should be next, but I'm sure whatever you settle on will be fantastic! No matter what you select, it will be gorgeous-- I have faith in you! ;))

Anonymous said...

Is this a house up by Champlain College ? See you in another color !