Friday, April 17, 2009


"Sunstreaked" 15x22"
This piece is several years old, but I think it really shows
how I like to paint. I sometimes veer away from this drippy
negative painting style...but hopefully to always return to it.
This painting was started with random really loose and washy
"splotches" of yellow, just running a large brush over the paper
in several different places. While it was drying I dropped some
other pigment in a couple areas, like greens and blues..then had
to be patient for everything to dry completely. I sketched out my
design on that and developed the painting in gradual stages of
progressive washes, "carving" out the petals, stalks and leaves.


Angela said...

This is really beautiful.

Arcobaleno said...

Ciao! I am italian artist of Rome, I see your blog and I like your watercolors... really beautiful!!!^___^

Cynthia said...

Well between this negative style and your roooooosters....Wow,,,
what an inspiration!!!

A Brush with Color said...

I do love the negative painting--it's sort of a zen thing--you're so good at it!