Wednesday, April 15, 2009

White Poppy

White, purity, renewal, clean, brilliance, calm..etc..etc..
Using the white paper can often be difficult and my early
forays into painting with watercolors left my paper "muddily"
covered from side to side and corner to corner, barely showing
any of the beautiful white paper. I've since learned my lesson
(or at least one of them) to leave the sparkle of the white paper
showing through..I think it adds so much to a painting.


laura said...

Simply fabulous, heartstopping ... but I always love your poppies; you have a wonderful way with them! And with irises too--love the oil in your sidebar. My irises aren't in bloom yet (for some reason each year I get fewer!), and I can't wait to try painting them!

dominique eichi said...

Red poppies are my favorite but this one is also lovely.

Cynthia said...

This is a wonderful poppy...such contrast...I also love your oil blog but for some reason cannot leave a comment there.

Sharon said...

As Laura said, heartstoppingly beautiful!

debwardart said...

I enjoy the spontaneity of your paintings (spelling issue??) and how fresh they look.

Martha said...

BOY, I WISH, I WISH I COULD PAINT! BUT I CAN'T. I subscribe to Artists Magazine so I can admire the beautiful images there. I have to do with what I can - mine is just photographing flowers as still life images. Today you can see my still life posting of some peonies.

Again, I wish I could paint!

Charlene Brown said...

This just might be the best poppy painting I've ever seen!

A Brush with Color said...

How the heck did I miss this beauty!? Stunning. I was looking at your latest oils too, and they're really beautiful! You look as if you're enjoying them.

Gwen Bell said...

The dark center in this is spectacular! Just love it!