Friday, June 12, 2009

Bucket full of blooms

"Bucket full of blooms" 11" x 10"
After my last workshop someone mentioned that they've
been steering clear of Payne's gray lately and trying to
incorporate Indigo Blue instead...might be something to
try...I do find myself going to the "dark" side every once
in a while and not being too happy with the
maybe a switch in pigments is in order...any other "dark"
favorites out there?


Viviane said...

A very dark, if not the darkest, blue is : Indanthrene Blue .
I have it in Windsor & Newton but I don't know if we can find it in another cie.

Cliff said...

Phthalo green blue shade mixed with perylene maroon is about as dark as one can get in watercolors.

Lauren Maurer said...

I love both - Paynes grey and Indigo!

Charlene Brown said...

I used to like Daniel Smith 'Moonglow' as I like purple in my darks, but sometimes got rather dull areas, which didn't separate as Moonglow is supposed to. Now, for purple darks I add a little pink to the Winsor & Newton Indanthrene Viviane mentioned.

A Brush with Color said...

Beautiful--I do like the Indigo for a dark blue.

Mary Paquet said...

Annelein, I love this dark painting - it has lots of life even though it is "dark." I must order some of the WN Indanthrene folks are talking about.

I posted one of my workshop pieces on my blog today:
I described your process -- if I erred in my description, do let me know. I loved the workshop and others who follow my blog wish they could have attended. You have a wide following in the blog world.

Barbra Joan said...

I've always used Indigo blue, actually its my favorite for darks. Much better than Paynes Gray.

Jan's Art said...

I attended Donna Zagotta's workshop recently and she used neutral tint to darken colors. It is a great "neutral" dark. Also she used alizarin with ultramarine.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

how many ways can one say, Beautiful!

Dana S. Whitney said...

I tend toward ultramarine, but I usually paint with oils, too. Your results here are wonderful, no matter what the pigment names were!