Friday, June 5, 2009

Sunflower textures

I guess I played with texture more than I thought. Here
you can see some bubble wrap pushed into the wet washes
down in the olive green part, lower left. Experimenting is
something that can only help you figure out how things will
work for you. Different papers, surfaces, brushes, palette knives,
paints, different brands of paint etc..etc.. I have tried Yupo, but
couldn't quite grasp that...maybe it's time for a retry...sometime.


Myrna Wacknov said...

Wow, this one is totally gorgeous! What ever you did, you should keep doing it! Your use of negative painting is masterful. I never think to paint that way.

Anonymous said...

I found that Yupo really lends itself to the abstract watercolor. I just made my first attempt and was really pleased with the outcome. This watercolor has a lot of movement and the colors are very harmonious. Texture is good.

Katie Mac said...

I see a little face in the top right hand corner, with it's eyes closed... very abtract Annelein here...

Unknown said...

Beautiful and alive! You created a dynamic mood with design and texture. Love it :)