Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lilac abundance

I've been noticing that other bloggers have their name
or copyright symbols across their images...I've tried it here
and it worked, but in some of my other work it looks so
obvious. A few questions that maybe you all can shed some
light on for me...Have some of your images been copied and
is that the reason for the lettering? Or is it in case someone
prints it up you get credit where credit is due? I'm very
interested to see what it's all about, since I haven't been
blogging for a very long time and slowly finding out all these
quirky things.
I won't be posting again until the middle of next week...taking
a little time to get outside to paint! See you soon...


A Brush with Color said...

Lovely, Annelein! Beautiful colors. I think that people use their names across their paintings because yes, sadly, their work has been stolen! Yours is not at all obtrusive here--well done!

Barbra Joan said...

Yes, people will copy your work and use it as they wish. I'd like to know how you put that on there, as I would like to do it. Maybe I'll just post it on my blog and someone can help me with it.

Ruth said...

Hi Annelein,
In reference to your question as to why names are printed across works of art on the web: because there is no way to prevent people from downloading any picture on the web whether copyrighted or not, some artists are using the method you just did to prevent these copiers from getting a pure clear unobstructed copy. Charley Parker,, has an article on this. You might want to read his take on it. It's pretty comprehensive and basically he says that since your name can be manipulated out of the photos by expert Photoshop users, why destroy the clean look of your rendering that you've presented for viewing. (He uses stronger words than these.) He mentions the best precaution you can use is low resolution (50-60 kbs) on the web photos so that they will be pixelated if enlarged, etc.
Anyhow, it's a good article to read, then you can do what suits you best. Ruth,

Ruth said...

Here's the actual page that refers to watermarking:
under the title "Watermarks and other ways to ruin your image" about half way down.

Maree Clarkson said...

This Lilac Abundance is truly beautiful Annelien. But my favourites are definitely your roosters - it epitomises your style!

I don't think it matters what one does regarding copyright. With Photoshop and Corel Photopaint I, and anybody with the necessary computer skills, can easily remove your copyright image and nobody would be any the wiser. If someone wants to steal your work, they're going to do it. That's the risk we take by posting here.

By putting copyright on your photos or in your post, all it means is that you're covered in case you want to take somebody to court for plagiarism.

And in any event, I think plagiarism is the greatest from of compliment. And it's that person that has to live with their conscience. The internet is not too big for people to notice when this happens.

An interesting concept is Leo Babauta from Zen Habits who un-copyrighted his blog - read it here -


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I keep meaning to do this. I admire your work immensely.

Emily said...

Beautiful lilacs! I wish I could paint like that.

I've also been thinking about using watermarks, but I don't know how to do it easily. I suppose I could open each image in Photoshop and type in a credit, but is there an easier way to just put a watermark on automatically? How did you do it?

Diane Ronzino said...

You can just smell their fragrance!