Thursday, August 13, 2009

Painting event

This was an exercise from a b&w photograph in Charles'
class...She's a bit stern, but she's got that fish and that reminds
me of this weekend's event. I will be painting at the Burlington
Waterfront on Saturday the 15th from 10-4 for the Vermont
Watercolor Society's Fundraiser in conjunction with the Lake's
Quadricentennial celebration. If you are in the area come on by
and check us out...we will auction the work off on our new blog:
If you want to come down and paint with us...the more the merrier!


Charlene Brown said...

What a great idea for a fundraiser! I'm sure there are lots of us who wish we could take you up on your invitation to join in ...

And the painting you've selected to get our attention is absolutely perfect!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Annelein! I love it. And I can see a Charles influence! Incidentally, I will try to send you info on David Dewey once I get out from under water--it's been so busy, but I won't forget. Take care!

Cindi said...

love the painting, love the blending of the fun colors.... wish i could attend, but a ways from the west coast.. darn it!!! LOL
have fun!!