Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Sunday

This painting was done for our local theatre with their annual Fine Wine and Food festival in mind as I was soliciting to create the image for their poster. This isn't the one they picked, but I'll post that one some other time. With the Superbowl this Sunday some food and drink will come in handy. Don't eat too much and get a little creative in the kitchen! Have fun.


Meera Rao said...

painting glass! --I like the loose, free style

Autumn Leaves said...

I like this, Annelein! I can see this hanging oh so elegantly in someone's (who is rich) beautiful and spacious kitchen or dining room! It just has a sophistication to it that I kind of secretly aspire to!

sue said...

This is wondeful! I love it--lots of verticals and curves, and color--beautiful!

Unknown said...

Lovely, Great colors, wonderful!
Love the technique. I am also an artist, murals and watercolor, stop by for a visit at
Art, inspiration, Purpose and scripture. Many Blessings Deborah