Thursday, September 25, 2008

Permanent Yellow and others

"Sunflower Grandeur" 22" x 30"
Permanent Yellow, Gamboge, Aureolin...those are
but a few of the yellows I use. My palette changes once
in a while..with so many new and exciting colors out
there, why not experiment. The location of them on my
palette never changes should be able to reach
for them blindfolded...but alas I don't think I'll be attempting
to paint with a David Blaine attitude...not that painting
blindfolded is like being suspended from a wire for three
days, or being trapped in a block of ice, but hey, as artists
we stare down that white sheet of paper and have to be brave
enough to put down those first marks!


Anonymous said...

Annelein, How do you do it ? One kind of flower in a million ways ! You do make painting look easy ! I just love this one, too.

A Brush with Color said...

These sunflowers are just glorious. Love all the yellows--and I find yellows difficult--they can be opaque, but these are wonderful!

Kari Gibson said...

Beautiful sunflowers - I love this painting and your use of yellow is perfect.

I am fond of those yellows, plus naples, plus gamboge - yum! and whatever medium I work in, my palette gets laid out the same too. Not that I fancy the blindfold technique, lol!