Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sienna Strutter

It seems like a while since my feathered friends came
out to say hi! Thanks for all the lovely comments...
I'm in the studio getting ready for various shows and
matting prints, making cards and cleaning up...the last
part is my least favorite! I'm finding that the studio is
getting a bit full and the walls are closing in on me..so time
to sort, sort, sort and dump, dump, dump! We asked Charles
Reid during the workshop if he ever has any "dogs" and what he
does with them...he said, yes he does and takes them to the dump.
Someone wanted to know which one he goes to!


sue said...

I'm laughing--I'd be lining up at the dump if you and Charles Reid are heading there. Like I said--this rooster looks more difficult than a decoy, but what do I know. Wonderful personality in this guy!

Cynthia said...

OH;,,,what a beauty!!! I just LOVE your roosters and chickens!!
If you ever find out where Reid´s dump is,,,YES, pleas post it on your blog won´t you ;))But wait...I just re-read your post...
dump,dump,dump...well where is YOUR dump????

Art with Liz said...

Ok, so I can't get to your dump site, but I can dream? Your roosters are paintings of beauty!