Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Field of Red

A larger version of field poppies...this painting is half of a full sheet the other 11"x30". I like trying new sizes and shapes of makes you think about your composition even before you start putting your brush to work!


Sadami said...

Dear Annelein,
...oh...breathtakingly...BEAUTIFUL!! I admire you. You tamed slippery watercolor paint for a big work. Thank you for sharing the wonderful work.
Kind regards,

irinasztukowski said...

Looks like poppies are your favorites aren't they. I love the fresh look and transparent petals. Wonderful watercolor! Thank you Annelein, Irina

Autumn Leaves said...

Absolutely a stunning piece, Annelein. Maybe because the Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie ever...but I am reminded of the field of poppies..." they'll sleep..."

M R Anand said...

Thanks for the tip on how to improve the composition! The poppies are what all the previous bloggers have written: breathtaking, stunning!!!
fascinating poppies!