Friday, July 16, 2010

How now brown hen?

A slightly unusual view of the average chicken. Photographed some more hens and a very proud rooster the other day...I kept chasing him down and he wanted nothing to do with me..good thing I had a zoom on my camera! Was invited to participate in another "anniversay" the schedule is busting at the seams! (7.s"x7.5")


Sadami said...

Dear Annelein,
I love your watercolor! Colors and techniques are so beautiful and eye pleasing. Please keep up your wonderful work!
Kind regards,

irinasztukowski said...

I like the birdview of the bird :) . Great perspective and selection of warm colors for he bird and cooler colors for the ground. Great work, Irina

Anonymous said...

marvelous, absolutely super perspective on this watercolor. Instant fav.
peace n abundance,

Autumn Leaves said...

I think this is a fabulous point of view. 'Course, I now have the image in my head of you chasing down a chicken for a photo op...LOL

M R Anand said...

the rich colours are a treat...the unusual angle just adds a lot more challenge...the effect is great.