Monday, November 24, 2008

Waitsfield Farm

"Waitsfield Farm" 15" x 22" at Green Mountain Fine Art in Stowe
I just delivered this painting to my gallery in Stowe..the
first (recent) landscape to be shown! Can't wait to find out
what the feedback is. I need to start thinking about a holiday
card...might even be a little late with that, but hey a mere
mortal can only do so much. I didn't see Twilight this weekend,
but I hear vampires can fly and make lots of teenage girls swoon!
I'm trying to remember what movie hottie was out there when I was
that age...maybe John Travolta in Grease? Anyway, that doesn't
have much to do with painting and I actually got to put some paint
on some paper yesterday! Maybe my efforts will be revealed to
you sometime soon. I have not been able to go to the figure sessions
lately, but hope to pick that up again. Maybe some self-portraits
in the meantime? I've tried that before and it's amazing how much I
don't look like me.


dominique eichi said...

Hey , I just read your putting some work in a gallery in Stowe. My brother lives in Warren Prickly Mtn., my daughter and I have been visiting him for years we were there this July and our float won "again". I have a good friend that has work in a gallery there too her name is Candy Barr.
The world is small were both participating in DSFDF.
Your work is lovely.

Katie said...

I love this Annelein! Love the sky and the mountains and the forground... and the trees against the mountain.. and the house and the barn... well all of it! Nice colors and great composition.