Friday, November 14, 2008

Orchid offering

"Orchid Offering"
I will be picking this painting up from the
Middlebury Frog Hollow this weekend. It's
been on display for a while and it's time to change
things up. I am also going to be part of a winter
Shelburne. The show opens with a reception
on Friday December 5th. I am still thinking about
selling a few pieces from my blog. By no means would
this be a daily thing, but an occassional thing. I've
followed some daily painters blogs and I think just
listing each entry, plus the painting, the shipping
and mere organization would become a full-time job!
So stay tuned...I might delve into this a little further
next week. I'll start simple and slow!


A Brush with Color said...

Sounds smart. Good luck! This one is a real beauty! I love those orchids. Wonderful colors and use of the white paper.

Viviane said...

On Burlington Church Street yesterday , I saw a small flowers shop and I though : Annelein would make a nice watercolor out of these bouquets. You succeed with this orchids painting . Very inspiring !

A Brush with Color said...

Beautiful! Good luck with selling thru your blog--you have such an inimitable style and it's stunning.

laura said...

The orchids are, of course, beautiful, but I love the leaves. And, as always, your background.
Yes, good luck with selling: your work is so very beautiful--I'm sure there's something to appeal to everyone!