Monday, November 10, 2008

Lemon twins

I thought I'd continue the lemon theme for another day.
The post on Friday was painted at the same time as this
double study. Take advantage of your stilllife set up before
it goes bad! I have started to use fake fruits and veggies
in my floral set ups..they provide the shape I need and
won't go bad! Unfortunately you can't cut them! This way
I save a little in the way of wasting money on something
that'll just sit on a table in the studio for a couple days. I
find that I never use whatever it is I'm painting in any meals!
Unless it's a quick sketch of something that I am cooking.
(see previous posts of basil and bok choy!)


laura said...

Great Lemons! And I love what you've done with the surrounding space (always a problem for me!).

A Brush with Color said...

Great colors and shapes.