Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Here is another licensed imaged being produced into
switchplate covers. Click the link to see what's available.
They have 4 of my images that they are producing, three
florals and one rooster. Can't wait to walk into a store and
see them on display...but that probably won't happen anytime
soon, since alot of business is being conducted over the internet.
I was recently contacted by someone who googled my name
after seeing my work in the Coldwater Creek catalog. It's amazing
how you can instantly be in touch with someone who is on the web.
Amazing...I'm taking the rest of the week off from my blogorama
for Thanksgiving...so enjoy all, be thankful.

1 comment:

RH Carpenter said...

These are beautiful! I'll have to look through my latest Coldwater Creek catalog to see what you have there. Enjoy your time off. I so enjoy your blog and your artwork.