Friday, March 6, 2009

Gettin' wiggy with it

"Gettin' wiggy with it"
This was the last assignment for different strokes. I really
enjoyed this one. I post this on the side of my blog, but some
of you that only get my emailed posts might not check that out,
so I list it here as well. The next challenge is slightly more unusual.
It's a picture of I do always look at the wonderful colors
and combinations of sushi at the grocery store, but I've never painted
it...So that'll be a unique subject matter. I've been cruising the blogs
lately and want to thank all of you who have my blog linked on your
blog. I'm going to try to reciprocate and get a list going on mine as well.


A Brush with Color said...

Oh, this is fun! Quite the departure for your usual style, but it's always fun to see how someone handles a different subject. Charming!

Sandra Galda said...

Hi Remember me, the orange peper girl sho stood next to you in the Carol Marine workshop? I just added you to my blog list!!! I love your water colors! will you start a new blog for small oils, or include them here? Love love love your work. best wishes, Sandra

Katie Wilson said...

You are added to my list as well! Your watercolors are gorgeous! I have no doubt you will pick up the oils with no prob. You'll just need to get a feel for them, then off you go - girl!

Cheers, Katie