Monday, March 16, 2009

Sketchbook pages

Mohonk Mountain House, New York
Vacation is buzzing all around me lately and I have
seen tan and relaxed friends who have been to various
points across the I thought I'd post some sketches
this week that I did while travelling about myself. I always
try to have a watercolor sketchbook, a small paint set and a
brush with me. If you like a particular paper you can even go
to your local copy/binding shop and have them put a spiral
binding on some cut sheets of your watercolor paper. That
way your sketchbook is whatever size you like it to be and
it's paper you are familiar with.


Katie Mac said...

You inspired me! I am going to Mexico later this week and got a little watercolor pad and small palette to take with me... see if I can paint on the beach!

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, that's beautiful! Love Mohonk, and you really captured it. I love how you left it sort of vignetted.


Beautiful watercolor sketch ! I like it very much.