Friday, March 13, 2009

Shades of Poppy

"shades of poppy" 7.5" x 7.5"
I'll round out the week with another poppy. I try very
hard to paint my poppies with a variety of colors. It's easy
to get caught up in thinking a flower is a particular color. I
like to push those limits by adding additional colors that might
not be in the actual flower, but make the subject a little more
interesting. We like variety and painting a solid red or orange
poppy would not be so compelling, but throw in some yellows,
purples, alizarin, vermillion, scarlet, violet, get the picture.


Sandy Maudlin said...

This is gorgeous. Poppies can be so hard to pull off but this painting really captures their essence perfectly. Love it!

jgr said...

I agree with Sandy, you have totally captured it and I love the beautiful colors you added!

A Brush with Color said...

Beautiful! I love poppies. Your websites look fabulous, Annelein, and your newest oils are amazing--especially since you're new to oils.

laura said...

So beautiful--it's almost like stained glass, but so much more supple! Your poppies are always amazing.
And thanks for the reminder to add other colors!!

Unknown said...

Annelein, I just found you blog through Art With Liz and feel like I have discovered a gold mine of beautiful colors! Your work is just amazing. You have such a talent with color. I have clicked the follow button thingy so I can see your new works. Good luck with your upcoming workshop!

r garriott said...

Isn't this stunning. Would love to see it about 4 foot across, too (tricky in WC, I guess).