Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I guess I'll be on a lily kick for the beginning of
this week...They are such powerfully scented blooms.
Plus the stamen, watch out when that gets on your shirt.
I ofcourse always happen to be wearing white when I brush
against them...but if you take some tape and slowly, gently
try to lift the orange pollen off...you might have success! It's
worked for me in the past. Brushing it off or trying to rinse it
off is not a great idea! I also always strip them off the freshly
opened bloom..I think it's supposed to make them last longer?
Or maybe it's just to avoid getting stained by them and that's
why the florists do it?...


Marianne Ginsberg said...

I love this.

Angela said...

This is very beautiful!

I love to paint lilies (and poppies!) I think there's especially something about the way their colors blend that works well in watercolor.

I really like the way you've went about incorporating some looseness.

You should've seen the gorgeous lilies my husband gave me for V-day

I can't wait till I get a chance to paint them!

Mary Paquet said...


Let me mention here that I sent you an e-mail via your contact form on your website inviting you as an instructor for a workshop in California. I know you had a few problems last year with not getting mail, so wanted to mention the e-mail here.

r garriott said...

What a beautiful vignette. Great vibrant color, too.

Yeah, the old scotch tape trick is the best thing for lily pollen...

James Parker said...

First time to your blog and glad I came...your work is outstanding...I joined your blogwagon. I came to comment on your delightful DSFDF contribution. I invite you to visit me and read my blog on Karin's project...for a chuckle or two.

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, I must've missed this--how gorgeous!