Friday, October 3, 2008

Orange you glad it's Friday?

The last installment of orange as a color and as a subject!
Makes me want to try with some other fruit in the future.
My latest entry for the different strokes blog is linked on mine.
Check it out. This week was a doozy. Next week I'll post some
paintings of my fall shows. I can't believe it's October already.
Where does the time go? I am diving in to the local community
clay studio this evening with my youngest niece.. I haven't been
behind a potter's wheel since college! Should be a fun night.


Anonymous said...

Yes ! I'm happy it's Friday! Thank you for the Orange week. I'm looking forward to next week/next color/next subject ! I'm also watching Karin Jurick's blog with the painting a day. Just awesome to see all the different approaches to one painting. I hope to start doing them soon.

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, I have just loved these orange images you've done--really alive! I agree--the variety of approaches in the Painting a Day series is wonderful--so much fun to see peoples' interpretations...

laura said...

Your orange paintings are simply wonderful, Annalein! (I subscribe and so have been following; sorry, lazy me hasn't come over to comment sooner.) I tried to doa little series of simple still lifes and it's no easy to make something of them as people might think! Your's are stunning: interesting, beautiful.