Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tulip Tableau

"Tulip Tableau"
I'm baaaaaaaccccckkkkkk! Miss me? Some of you said
you would, so thanks for that! A day in the big apple...alot of
fun visiting with a friend. Didn't do much except walk around,
which is what you typically do in the city anyway! Now it's back
to the computer and updating my blog. The tulips came to mind,
because it's that time to put bulbs in the ground. I mentioned a
while ago that I had some left over from last year, so that experiment
is going to happen...maybe today I'll put them all in a big hole and
cross my fingers and see what comes up next spring. I should be able
to deduct that expense from my taxes, because they'll serve as
inspiration for future paintings...right?


Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK !! Yes, a big city is for walking. The Tulips are beautiful. Last, good luck with the bulbs in Spring. Keep us posted and have a workshop with them !!!!! Another tax deduction !

A Brush with Color said...

I did miss you. I missed this because I thought you were still gone! Glad I caught it because I'm a huge fan of tulips. Wonderful! I grew up on the outskirts of Manhattan and am often wistful for it...when I was small, we used to go into the city with white gloves on if you can believe it!! How funny. My, how old I must be. LOL. These are beautiful! I want to plant more tulips when I'm home again soon...I love 'em.

kitty said...

WOW. Mind is officially blown!! Your work is insane.....and this is love LOVE IT!! Would give my right arm to paint like this............course then I wouldn't be able to paint!! hahaha! Keep em comin please!