Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feathered Forager

"Feathered Forager" 15" x 22"
There are days when my roosters just want to come out
and play among the flower paintings! I try to change up
my painting habits in the studio by not painting too much
of the same thing for fear of getting in a rut or bored...Plus
it ends up being too much of a routine and you need to shake
things up every once in a while! With roosters you can really
let loose and splash that color around, scrape back some
highlights, drip and dribble pigment and create speckles all
you want. They are feisty creatures, they can take it!


Karen Hargett said...

Always glad to see your roosters - they make me smile.

A Brush with Color said...

They are a great series. Love them!

Anonymous said...

You are the queen of Roosterdom for sure....nothing like em!!!

Art with Liz said...

I'm glad I found your site - this is great.

Angela said...

Weird - I can comment on someone else's blog, but not on my own for some reason...

Anyway, fantastic painting. I love rooster paintings - my husband always wants to decorate in them but just doesn't see a difference between beautiful, 'artistic' roosters and 'country-kitschy' roosters - and until he figures it out I'm too afraid of what he'll bring home!

You've given me another example to show him of what I like!

You know, I have a beautiful rooster but have yet to paint him. Definitely on my list for this spring!

Unknown said...
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StilinStudio said...

I love all your roosters, but this one especially. The textures, the colors, wonderful!!

Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful rooster, Annelein!