Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Early sunflowers

11" x 15"
Looking at this piece brings back so many memories
of working(actually struggling) with watercolors! I thought,
like many people, that watercolors would be easy! HA! I find
out something new about them every time I paint. Maybe it's
because as kids we are given these colorful disks in nice metal
tins with a worthless plastic brush and we scrub away to pick
up some chalky color to then deposit it on some typing paper
and attempt to paint a refrigerator worthy masterpiece!
Almost impossible...it would be an interesting exercise to put
my hands on one of those children's sets and see, just see if
I could produce anything worth looking at. It's a poor craftsman
who blames his tools! Ah, but sometimes we just have to blame something!


uermeli said...

Hallo, I totally agree that watercolours aren't so easy to handle. During our studies we first had to use pastels and are now working with watercolours. Much depends on the kind of colour and also on the paper.
But your watercolours are really beautiful and sunny.

Marie Theron said...

I love this work, as always Annalein. The main thing is that you succeed very much in watercolour because you work with clean transparent harmonious colours.