Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunflower multi

I found the sunflower multi-study, but I'm looking for
the other ones..between old slides converted to jpegs
and stacks of old cd's it's quite the chore...might not be
soon, but I'll put my hands on them! I had a comment
about sizes and I'll try to be more diligent about listing
the sizes of paintings. These studies were done on half
sheets of watercolor 15"x22". Thanks for all
the nice comments, it's great hearing from all of you!


debwardart said...

Loving this series of "series"! I follow your blog as much as possible and love the loosness of your work. Pears and sunflowers and roosters, too - what's not to love!

Cynthia said...

Keep digging!! I just love these multi studies!!! Your work is so inspiring and really motivates me.
Thanks a lot!

Ginny Stiles said... new to your blog...picked you up off Deb Ward I think. Amazing work. I have added you to my favorites on my blog.
Thanks so much for great inspiration and I love the series you have been doing on one sheet. Very good idea and so visually appealing.

Linda said...

Hello, just found your blog and love these paintings the flowers are wonderful. In teaching yourself watercolor theres sure alot to learn how do you paint these flowers there so soft and just wonderful can you recomened videos to learn how. Your workshops sound great sure do wish I could attend one.
Yhank you,

DALowe Artist said...