Thursday, September 24, 2009

French tower

15" x 22"
This painting was done from a photograph I took of a house
in the french was also done after I had taken
my first workshop with Mel Stabin. Workshops are so valuable.
You get to paint for full it 3, 5 or if you are lucky
14 days in a row and you are surrounded by other creative
types, plus watching the teacher demonstrate is priceless!
The tower on this house actually served as another inspiration...
it later became the inspiration for an addition on our house
and now we have our very own "french" tower.


Ginny Stiles said...

I love Mel Stabin's work. And I can see some influence in this painting! LOVELY. It makes the very best of what watercolor can do. Sounds like you have studied with him more than one time! I am compiling a list of people I want to paint with. He's now on the list.

Marie Theron said...

A very peaceful scene, well painted.

A Brush with Color said...

Great story! I love Mel Stabin's work, and I can see his influence here. Lovely, Annelein!

Mary Paquet said...

Beautiful. I have taken a few Mel Stabin workshops and his "Simple, Fast, and Focused" influence shows here in the freshness of your painting. What a lovely addition to your home.

StilinStudio said...

Love it!!! it's really quite beautiful, Annelein!! I'd love to take a workshop with him someday!