Monday, October 27, 2008


Another sketchbook entry that I did several weeks ago
in a friend's garden. Unfortunately the frost has gotten
to our garden and not much is left. The impatiens are so
tender that they always get hit first, but surprisingly the
fuchsia is still doing okay...would not have thought they
were tough. This pink flower, I believe, is the Mandevilla plant.
Obviously not a winter hardy one, but I have seen it around
quite a bit as a summer annual. I did the sketch with my
newest sketchbox of those synthetic brushes
that you fill with water, so you always have a brush at the
ready, without having to find a cup of water! With a tissue
in hand it wipes clean just like that waiting for the next color.

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Anonymous said...

I just love this one and the colors are so delicate ! I'm trying to hang on to the sights of summer myself for I'm not ready for Winter just yet. Also, I love your, " How now Brown Cow " piece.