Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Iris Family

"Iris Family" 15" x 22"
This is another "historical" painting. I did this about 8 years
ago or more...I've really improved on my backgrounds and
negative painting. I have a blogger question for everyone..
have you ever come across blogger not loading your updated
pages? When I load my own blog I get last friday's entry as the
latest post...but when I go to someone else's blog and they have
a link to mine the most current one loads??? HMMMM...any
thoughts on this, or should I start looking inside my own PC?
Computers...they make our lives easier and more difficult at the
same time. If you can, let me know if you are getting the emailed
posts at the regular time like usual.


Katie Mac said...

Wow! This is great to see... what a difference in your paintings over the last 8 years!

A Brush with Color said...

Beautiful! I have all kinds of blogger problems, but I always assume it's me--I'm not the best with computers. I do notice sometimes I have to click on a blog title on the first page to "push" the newest post to come up--both on my own and others as well.