Thursday, January 29, 2009

Robed in Red

"Robed in Red" 15" x 11"
This was an experiment in colors...trying to work
the foreground and background by overlapping the
negative shapes. I love "carving" out the leaves or
petals of flowers from the first dried washes of the paint.
I simply apply a darker second wash and then avoiding the
shape I wish to have in the negative. I will sometimes pencil
in some guidelines so I don't get lost.


Laura Trevey said...

I absolutely LOVE your work!!!
You inspire me to paint, paint, paint...
Laura Trevey

Mary Paquet said...

This painting is gorgeous. I've been so taken with your layering of images and wondered how you achieved that result. Thanks for giving an explanation of your process. I love that I keep learning something new from other artist's blogs.

A Brush with Color said...

Very nice--tulips are always my favorites. Lovely job on this!

Angela said...

So pretty.

I appreciate you describing how you achieve it.

I also love 'carving' out of dried paint and use that a lot for leaves - but I love the way things overlap in your paintings!

Edward Burton said...

Your experiment worked out beautifully!

Ramana KV said...

Lovely work.. All your paintings are very charming.. I like the style a lot..