Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Rose Tree

A sketchbook entry today...thank you to all who got
in touch or left comments yesterday regarding my blogger
troubles..It seems to be fixed (for now!) so happy,
happy, joy, joy once again. Last week I said I was going
to wimp out and paint some winter scenes in the studio..and
that's exactly what I've done...I'll post one of those paintings
next week. I took a bunch of pictures of winter farms and I've
been trying to capture those ever since. I also washed out
one of my large plastic palettes, so I have fresh new colors
squeezed out. I am using some new to me pigments and will
report on those as well.

1 comment:

A Brush with Color said...

What a charming sense of place you've created here with this vignette. Lovely! I look forward to hearing about your new pigments!