Friday, January 9, 2009


I had to post this pool view...sketched a couple years
ago in a warmer and sunnier climate. Ahhhh.
Did anyone make any New Year's resolutions? It is
nice to start something new on January 1st...but it's
another thing all together to stick to it. I just resolved
to be a little more adventurous with my paintings. I don't
know what that means, yet, but I will find out. As I always
say it's just some paper and some pigment...what's the worst
that can happen?


A Brush with Color said...

How true...just some paper...but then, I start thinking how beautiful that paper is, and how I might waste it, and... Yours are never a waste, though--I love this pool! beautiful!

Nancy Eaton said...

I absolutely love your style of painting! Have you done a teaching video by chance?

laura said...

Great scene, Annalein--very inviting! My resolution is not too specific either (maybe that will help me keep it?)--not only to do more art (which was the goal for 2008) but to think about it more, and so make the doing more productive.