Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunkissed vases

"Sunkissed vases" Fabriano paper
I like that the stems are inside and outside
the vases..also the sharp negative space defining
the handle on the right side. I like playing with horizontal
or vertical pieces of paper. I've seen some really exaggerated
sizes like 6 inches by 30 inches..that would be fun to do. Almost
a panoramic effect. That would work well for a landscape piece.
Tall flowers like sunflowers take well to a tall skinny piece of
paper. Make the size of your surface determine your subject
matter! Have a great weekend everyone..and happy birthday Mom!

2 comments: said...

So summery and happy!I love this works' freshness.

laura said...

Beautiful. I love sunflowers, but especially like how you did the vases!
(BTW, love your DSFDF post--I found it very difficult--and I really like the surface of your paper too; would you tell me what kind of paper you used? I'm also curious what size the painting is.)