Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tall Blondes

"Tall Blondes" 22" x 10" Fabriano Paper
Here I go again with the tulips, but I can't
seem to help myself. I just bought a bunch of
purple and pink tulips and they are just now
starting to fade after a week. Did you all know
that tulips continue to grow in the vase? That's
why they twist and turn to nicely and start to flop
over after a while. If you haven't had a chance to
see all the results of the portrait challenge on the
Different Strokes blog..please check it's great fun.


Unknown said...

I love tulips. I think most artists do. Beautiful work....

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I want to be able to paint watercolors like this! I like the title too.

lkpainter said...

I love your work. How can I contact you directly about a possible workshop here on the Eastern Shore of MD? Or, how can I get your workshop list?