Monday, October 26, 2009


It's Monday night figure session time...I haven't been in a while, seems the end of summer, beginning of fall brings with it lots of things to do and clean up and put away, but hopefully tonight, if there is a class I'm going. The above image was done earlier this year before they stopped for the summer. On another note..for those of you who know my watercolor roosters...I'm now painting some feathered friends in oils and showing them on my other blog. Today's post is the first in a bunch of roosters I've done.. check it out and click this LINK. Let me know what you think and how they compare to my h2o-colors.

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Cynthia said...

Lovely figure piece....I checked out your rooster in him ,,as all your roosters. Great compostion, lovely golden color. Well of course they have a whole different look in oil as compared to your H2o birdies but I like both... Can´t wait to see more. I would comment on the oil blog but for some reason it won´t accept my comments there :(