Thursday, October 29, 2009


"Spring faces" 13"x5.5"
It's bulb planting time...I planted some daffodils last year and it was such a pleasure to see them come up this spring...I hope they are just that much stronger and maybe even multiplied this spring. I'd like to get some tulips and get them in for some early color next year. It's hard to think about "gardening" when everything outside is getting ready to take a long winter's nap.


Anonymous said...

Hello - I've been trawling through blog, leaping from one to another and this painting of yours captivated me - it brings back memories of seeing pheasant eye narcissi like these growing wild on the Scilly Isles (Cornwall, UK).

lupus said...

Beautiful daffodils, Annelein, a very good work

Best greattings.


Vicki Greene said...

Nice vertical format and beautiful painting.