Thursday, October 22, 2009

Public tv Pekoe

"Orange Pekoe" 11" x 15"
I donated this piece to our local public television fundraiser a bunch of years ago. It's nice to give back...I certainly spent many nights watching British comedy on their it was only fitting to give them something to do with tea. Quite proper..ha ha..I hope whoever owns it even likes tea or british comedy for that matter. Not many people like the dry humor or sometimes very outrageous humor like Fawlty towers! love it...anyone remember Red Dwarf?


A Brush with Color said...

I love British humor, and I love your painting--I can't imagine whoever won it isn't thrilled with it. It's fabulous.

ArtistLady said...

Lots of British humor on PBS. Who could not love Hyacinth Bucket? Or John Cleese ... and As Time Goes By, Absolutely Fabulous. And of course, we love your painting, too. :-)