Friday, October 30, 2009

Haunted weekend

"Dutch Vignette" 22"x10"
Another spring image before the weekend...I guess with November on Sunday I'm thinking bulbs...I should take the time in the next few weeks to dig some bulbs into the ground. Speaking of time..I'll probably be a little sporadic with my postings next week, so bear with me. Trying to reorganize the studio, take some new pictures of my work and just taking a little break..Have a great weekend and a very Happy and safe Halloween...enjoy the haunted happenings!


StilinStudio said...

Love the vignette and vertical format. Hope you have a great weekend - relaxing and organizing, sounds like productive fun!

Marie Theron said...

Your work is lovely, Annalein! I look into your blog often and find the works so fresh! I can see that you are also caught up by the eternal conflict all artists suffer of: to use those daylight hours for painting or for digging in the garden! Friendly greetings from Cape Town.

isabella kramer - veredit said...

Einfach wunderschön, so leicht und der gewählte Anschnitt unterstützt die Wirkung aufs Feinste.

Eine schöne und erfolgreiche Zeit für Dich!

mit lieben Grüßen

sue said...

Beautiful windmill and tulips--brings me back to the Netherlands in an instant. Have a good break, and plant some wonderful flowers--I can't wait to be home over Thanksgiving as I plan to do the same. It's such a reward come spring.