Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blue Vase

"Blue Vase" 22" x 15"
An abundance of flowers, flowing forth from a
footed floral vessel. Say that three times fast!
I've been noticing tulips at various flower shops..
Is this unusually early or are we jumping the seasons
as a result of greenhouses or better, faster transportation,
so we can get things from across the globe in a matter of hours?
We used to have to wait until at least February or March
to see those first tender spring bouquets. But I guess it's
a good thing for a floral painter like myself. I do try to
stay a little seasonal, like now the amaryllis are blooming
as are the paperwhites...

1 comment:

A Brush with Color said...

It's ok with me if tulips are showing up--they're probably my all-time favorites. My son always sends them to me and I grow them here. This is a beautiful blue vase...and you're right--very hard to say that 3 times fast!! LOL